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The beauty of laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is a type of floor that mimics the look of real wood floors generally at half the cost! Laminate floors are simple to install and require very few materials, while still giving your home a fresh, new look.

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Carpet Steam Cleaning

Curious as to how we take care of your carpet? Here is a video of our team hard at work, steam cleaning this carpet. Look at the difference!   Share your thoughts! Post any questions you have below!

Good Vacuums Make for a Healthy Carpet

     And a healthy carpet makes for a healthy home. Many people don’t realize that vacuuming their carpet is one of the best ways to increase the life of their carpet. As such, a good vacuum cleaner and proper

Clean Dark Water Spots From Hardwood

Have dark spots on your hardwood floors? Here’s our simple at-home solution (of course, we recommend a professional for a more extensive cleaning, but this is a good “in between” fix). The first step would be to clean the spot

Carpet Beetles

Carpet Beetles Just when we took all the precautions for bed bugs a new indoor bug comes into the lime light… the carpet beetle also known as the flour or furniture beetle. These rather tiny beetles come in different shapes,

Hardwood Flooring

Choosing to have new flooring is a big decision, on that you need to be well informed. Should I go with real wood or laminate? If you are not sure you need to educate your self, find out what the

Choosing Hardwood Flooring

Choosing what type of wood floors best suit you home is an important decision. The 3 main types of hardwood floors are: solid wood – engineered wood – acrylic impregnated flooring. When choosing your flooring you should keep in mind

Marble Maintenance

Marble is a very beautiful and unique natural stone. Whether it is in kitchen, bath or throughout your home it can be a challenge to clean. If you do not sweep or vacuum your floors dust and dirt can and

Never scrub. Always blot.

Take Caution!! The golden rule when spot cleaning your carpet in between professional cleanings is to never scrub, always blot. Scrubbing will push the spot more  into the fibers of the carpet and make it hard for JP Carpet Cleaning

A Natural Way to Remove Pet Stains

If you are looking for a more natural way to get up pet urine, the key is to act fast, so that the stain has no time to penetrate into the carpet. Get up as much of the solid and liquid