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Wood Floor Care After Refinishing

You’ve just gotten your wood floors refinished? ¬†They are stunning and elegant and bring back a certain beauty to your home. The bug question now would be: How do I keep it this way?¬†Never fear, because JP Floor Care is

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Bad Renters

As a manager of an apartment building, or a homeowner renting their home, you have probably have dealt with renters who were noisy, angry, messy, you name it. Not only is it unfortunate that you had to deal with that

Moving List

Buying or renting a new home is exciting. It’s the next big step in your life! There is so much to do and it feels like you have no time. Don’t worry too much though, anxiety does not help make

Wood Floor Alternatives

Wood floors are beautiful. Here are some alternatives to solid wood flooring. Bamboo Laminate Wood-Looking Vinyl Plank Cork Wood Tile Engineered Wood Each of these has their good and bad qualities. But it’s up to you which type of floor

Cleaning Dark Water Spots From Your Hardwood

Spills happen, whether it’s children playing or being tripped by the cat. Unfortunately when spills happen they can leave stains. When water is dropped on your hardwood, it can leave dark spots that are blemishes you don’t want and sometimes,