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You’ve just gotten your wood floors refinished?  They are stunning and elegant and bring back a certain beauty to your home. The bug question now would be: How do I keep it this way? Never fear, because JP Floor Care is here!


The first thing to note is that you should never use harsh cleaning products like Murphy’s Oil or Pine Sol on your wood floors. These kinds of products quickly eat away at the wood floors protective coating, leaving you with bare, unprotected floors. Similar to a phone without a safety shield, if the wood itself is scratched, the floors would need to be scrubbed all over again to remove the scratches. However, if it is only the polyurethane that has been scratched, the scratches can much more easily be fixed.

Another big one is the shoes you wear. If you are partial to heeled shoes, take your shoes off before walking around on your wood floors. Small heels like stilettos can cause pockmarks in the floors, leaving tiny damages everywhere that are much too deep to repair with a simple scrubbing.

In addition to heels, it is important to keep the nails of your pets trimmed as well. Naturally, dogs and cats use their nails to keep themselves grounded, it allows for better running. However, it also allows for your floors to be scratched. Keeping their nails trimmed will help minimizing scratches to your floors.

Another thing that most people know but may not realize as important is how the weather will warp with weather changes. This may or may not apply to you depending upon where you live. Like how your fingers can feel bloated when it is humid outside, your wood floors will “bloat” as well. Similarly, during the winter months, the wood will also shrink, leaving gaps between the floorboards that weren’t there before. Both can be avoided by using a humidifier for winter conditions, and a de-humidifier for summer conditions.

In terms of cleaning your floors, it is essential that the floors are swept or vacuumed regularly, otherwise the dirt and debris on your floors is carried around by your feet, acting like sandpaper. This will inevitably lead to accidental sanding of the polyurethane and eventually the floors themselves. Make sure the vacuum you use doesn’t have a beater bar or rotary brush head.

Also, though you may be tempted to wet-mop your floors, please be extremely careful with how much water you use and make sure to wipe up the water as soon as possible. Water can quickly seep into the floor boards and warp the wood to the point where only complete replacement of the board can fix the problem.

Your wood floors can also be damaged by light, and although this is inevitable, it can be mitigated a little bit by using protective window coverings specifically to protect against UV light. But, like stated previously, light damage will occur no matter how hard we try to avoid it, so it is important to rearrange your rugs and furniture to ensure the floors with lighten evenly.

We’re sure there are many more things that you can do to take care of and maintain your floors. Share your thoughts with us on what you do to take care of your floors!

Laila Shams

Laila is the oldest daughter of Peter, and has been assisting her family with their family business since the beginning. Currently an engineering student, Laila spends her free time managing the social media for JP Carpet Cleaning Expert Floor Care


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