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As a manager of an apartment building, or a homeowner renting their home, you have probably have dealt with renters who were noisy, angry, messy, you name it. Not only is it unfortunate that you had to deal with that kind of a person, but now you are stuck with what they left behind when they move out. This includes dirty floors, ruined carpets, scratched doors, chipped paint, and on and on and on. We at JP Carpet Cleaning Expert Floor Care are here for all of the floor issues you may be dealing with.

Carpets are a big one. When stains and spills happen, if they aren’t treated in a timely manner, they can become permanent in the carpet. JP Carpet Cleaning is knowledgeable in treating all sorts of stains. From mustard to urine to the mystery spill in the corner, we always do our absolute best to take care of the carpet.

Tile and grout can become greasy and dirty, grout lines yellowing or even blackening, depending on how often they were cleaned. JP Floor Care offers a tile and grout steam cleaning service to remedy the problem, pulling up dust and dirt, and leaving the tile and grout in the kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else, clean and sanitized. Similarly, we can steam linoleum floors to do the same.

Wood floor damages are one of the most difficult to remedy, and a common problem for homeowners renting out their home. Solid or engineered flooring should be treated gently, and sometimes renters do not realize this. As such, their dogs nails aren’t kept trimmed, so as to avoid scratching. Moving furniture by sliding it across the floor can cause this as well. Typically, when a wood floor needs to be refinished, we perform an inspection to determine what treatment you and your floor really need. We take into account the condition of your floor, your budget, and what you really want to see done with the wood.

All in all, we offer a lot of services to ease in the struggle of getting the unit back on the market. JP Carpet Cleaning Expert Floor Care want you to know that we are here for you and all of your floor care needs.

Laila Shams

Laila is the oldest daughter of Peter, and has been assisting her family with their family business since the beginning. Currently an engineering student, Laila spends her free time managing the social media for JP Carpet Cleaning Expert Floor Care

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