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Buying or renting a new home is exciting. It’s the next big step in your life! There is so much to do and it feels like you have no time. Don’t worry too much though, anxiety does not help make for a smoother move. In fact, we suggest writing a list of things you need to take care of before you start your move. Then, as you work your way down the list, you can watch as you make progress. This not only helps alleviate your anxiety but it also helps you work through the things that need to be done in a calm and orderly fashion. We’ve compiled some things you might need to consider adding to your list (if you haven’t already!)

  1. Get the new place clean. It’s always nice to move into a new home. Generally speaking, property managers or previous owners will have the place cleaned before they start showing the home. Operative word being “before.” You should seriously consider having a deep cleaning done on your new home to get it as clean as possible before you move in. JP Carpet Cleaning Expert Floor Care offers cleaning for all of the floor surfaces in your home, as well as for counters and tiled bathroom and kitchen walls. We also offer a maid service for this such situation
  2. Determine HOW you are going to move. Are you going to call professional movers or assemble an army of friends and their cars? You could also rent a truck to move things in one big load. Either way, we recommend doing your homework on how you want to move, and what would be the easiest for your timeline and budget.
  3. Get rid of unwanted or unneeded items. Get rid of these items as you pack. You will have enough things to move from one location to the other. Start your packing early so you have time to really determine if you need something in your new home or not. Trash or donate these items rather than lugging them with you.
  4. Have area rugs cleaned and stored. Area rugs can become stained or damaged in a move. It is a good idea to have the rugs professionally cleaned and wrapped prior to the move to avoid any damage. JP Carpet offers an area rug cleaning service where we can pick up your rugs, clean and wrap them and deliver them back to you or your new home.
  5. Clean and wrap furniture. Have your furniture professionally cleaned. This simply allows you to have a completely fresh home when you are finished with your move. JP Carpet Cleaning offers  professional upholstery cleaning.
  6. Change your address with the applicable parties. It’s always a hassle trying to get your mail from the last place you lived. Our suggestion, if you are relocating in the same area, is to use a postal box. This way, no matter where you move, you don’t have to worry about changing your address. If you would prefer not to, or are moving further out of you previous neighborhood (such as out of state), remember to change your address. It is especially important to change your address with people/companies that send you bills.
  7. Keep important records separate. It’s always easy to put important things into a box and think “I’ll remember I put that there.” You’re better off moving important records such as medical records and insurances separately. This allows for them to be readily available at a moments notice throughout the move and decreases the chance of them getting lost.
  8. Check for defects. After the initial excitement of moving to a new home wears off, we tend to find little things that we hold onto and complain about. Be sure to thoroughly inspect your new home (perhaps with a third party who is more willing to point out a problem) for any defects. This includes making sure all closet doors open and close properly, cabinet doors are on their hinges, the lights work, the screen door (if there is one) doesn’t have any tears, there are no leaks in the plumbing, etc. Sometimes, the previous owner, landlord, or manager will cover the costs for these fixes, as long as they are reported before you have made the move. If not, at least you will be able to take care of the issues before you become situated.
  9. Connect the amenities such as internet, water, power and gas. This is extremely important. Generally internet providers are booked for new installations. If you are going to move, be sure to book your appointment before you have things in the home. This allows for easier access to outlets, but also has the added benefit of having internet during the move. As for water, power, and gas, it’s pretty simple. All you need to do is call your provider, set the date, and ensure the information on the bill to be sent is your information (if you are in charge of paying for these services).
  10. Connect appliances. Along with water power and gas, be sure to have you refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, and all other major appliances connected.
  11. Have new keys cut. As soon as you receive the keys, have a spare cut. Moving day bring a lot of stress, losing a key will not help. Having a spare may alleviate any headache in case the original is misplace. If you are having the locks changed, spare keys should be cut as well.
  12. Have a plan for the little ones. Children and pets are wonderful, but during a move they may cause more stress than needed. Schedule a play-date for the kids, and a pet sitter for any pets you may have.
  13. Have an “unpack” box and a “first night” box. The “unpack” box should have tools and other items to help you set up furniture and the like. The “first night” box is simply insurance. It should have pajamas, a toothbrush, hairbrush, toilet paper and anything else you might need for the night and a successful morning. This is just in case you weren’t able to get to the boxes with those items on the first day.
  14. Have the home fumigated or treated for creepy crawlies. This should be done when the home is empty, and you don’t plan on moving in for a while. A full fumigation can last anywhere from a few days to a whole week.
  15. Create a list of boxes. This will allow you to make sure that everything you wanted moved is moved and not forgotten.
  16. Locate fuse box. It’s always a good idea to become acquainted with the fuse box of your home, see how it works and how it is labeled and if it needs new labels.
  17. Finally, clean your old place. Once you have fully moved out of your old home, it is good practice to have the place given a good last cleaning, either personally or professionally. This can help ensure you get your security deposit back if you are or were a renter, or makes sure the new tenants or owners of your old home are satisfied.

Of course there are other things ot consider when moving, but we think this is a pretty good place to start. As always, JP Carpet Cleaning Expert Floor Care is there for all of your floor care needs, either for your new home or your old home. Congratulations on the new home and good luck with the move!

Laila Shams

Laila is the oldest daughter of Peter, and has been assisting her family with their family business since the beginning. Currently an engineering student, Laila spends her free time managing the social media for JP Carpet Cleaning Expert Floor Care

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