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Choosing the perfect area rug

It can be very difficult in choosing an area rug, the are so many different styles. Here we have given you a list of some of the various styles to help you make that important decision. Let us know what we’ve forgotten and we’ll make sure to add it!

Traditional rugs can bring a formal look to any room, they come in such rich color variations like golds, blues, reds and greens. They also have intricate patterns of flowers, borders and medallions. These rugs come from Iran and are made of wool, silk or a combination of both.

Dhurries are typically a two sided float woven rug. Typically made from cotton, wool and fine jute. They often have symmetrical or geometric patterns. Come in a wide range of colors.  Because they are a two sided rug you can flip them over when they become dirty or worn.

Kilims are a flat woven wool or cotton rug that are tightly woven. They range in many colors from blue, green brownish yellow and red. They are usually designed with long narrow stripes of colors or with very small geometric designs. These rugs go well in family rooms, kids rooms or anywhere there is a lot of foot traffic.

Natural fiber rugs have lavishly textured and very durable. The most common natural fibers used range from jute (India), sisal (Africa), and sea grass. These rugs fit any decor, from semi formal living rooms to sunrooms.

Moroccan rugs are made from wool or cotton, they tend to be shaggy and have a thick high pile and are lightweight. The fleecy rugs give and room an exotic look and feel. Usually are used in bedrooms or living areas.

And of course, for whatever type of rug you are looking to get, you always need to consider who you will trust to clean it for you and help you protect your investment. JP Carpet Cleaning Expert Floor Care is one such wonderful company that can and will treat your area rugs with the utmost of care! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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