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Your furniture is the centerpiece of your home. Your couch, love seat and ottoman match and set the tone of your home. Is the upholstery green? Or perhaps it’s red! Is the fabric microfiber? Are the pillows filled with feathers? Are your pillows patterned? Are they a contrasting color in order to add a bit of flare?


Setting the scene

Each piece of furniture is unique! From the color to the fabric type to the decorative pillows. We love our couches (and if we don’t, we are in the market for new furniture!) and we use them everyday. Just like carpets however, daily use will cause dirt and oils to become trapped in the fibers of your upholstered furniture. Soon that beautiful, brilliant red love seat you have becomes dingy. Your kids and pets don’t treat your couch with the same amount of love as you.

Whatever the reason, there are some things you can do to protect your furniture from permanent staining. This includes not letting pets on the couch and not allowing food or drinks to be eaten while sitting on your furniture. This also means keeping your furniture away from heat sources, including radiators, fireplaces, etc.

Further than that, a good vacuuming of the furniture will help remove some of the dirt that settles there. When the dirt settles, it begins to act like sandpaper on your couch every time you sit down, wearing out the fabric faster than usual. Vacuuming regularly will reduce this wear. It is also useful to use an upholstery attachment to clean between the crevices of the cushions.

Rearranging or flipping cushions can also help maintain the integrity of your furniture. Humans are creatures of habit, and that includes habitually sitting in the same spot on the couch. This leads to the cushion wearing out and molding to you. When you rearrange the cushions, you ensure that each cushion is used evenly, so you won’t have a dip in your couch on one side, and nice firm cushions on the other. This will allow the couch to age evenly.

If you have outdoor furniture and you are worried about discoloration, laying a blanket or washable slipcovers over the furniture can help staunch the fading, as once fading occurs, there is very little outside of reupholstering that can fix it. Not only do these slip covers protect against fading, they also protect your furniture from the sweat and soot that clings to your body during the warmer days, and you can remove these covers and clean them in the washing machine (much easier than dealing with dirty upholstery).

Whether you need full couch cleaning, or just couch cushion cleaning, let a professional service take care of it for you. Though it is not in the name, JP Carpet Cleaning Expert Floor Care  can and will take care of it for you. From microfiber to velvet to cotton, synthetics and more, JP is simply the best in upholstery cleaning. Let the premier upholstery cleaning service in Los Angeles take care of you!


I am the owner/operator of JP Carpet Cleaning Expert Floor Care. We have been in the floor care business for over fifteen years, servicing Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. The services we offer are numerous: Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Area Rug Cleaning, Stone Restoration, Wood Floor Cleaning, Wood Floor Refinishing, Wood Floor Installation, and much, much more. Give us a call and see how we can help take care of your home! 818.263.9314

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