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Happy Friday Everyone! This week we’ve done a lot of work with different wood floors. I just want to let you guys know one thing to be aware of when it comes to your wood floor.

Area rugs are beautiful! The allow us to change the look and feel of our home. Unfortunately, one of the most common problems with area rugs on wood floors is what we call “waffling.” This happens because of a certain underpad. The so-called “waffling” is shown in the picture below.As you walk along the carpet, the plastic of the underpad melts and sticks to the floor, causing the utter mess in the picture above.

Wood floor cleaning, waffling, before
(For the “after” click here!)
So, as you can see, when we start working, we have to tackle this area first. Also, this limits your choices when trying to choose a new rug. The non-skid carpet underpad (pictured below) would not be our recommendation if your area rug is slipping and sliding.  
area rug underpad
“So, carpet tape then?” you may be asking. While carpet tape is a viable solution, when trying to remove the carpet tape, it has tendency to want to stay stuck to the carpet and the floor, either damaging your floor or your carpet as a result.
You best bet is something with a cloth top and a rubber bottom. The rubber keeps the carpet padding from moving along the floor, while the cloth top keeps the carpet secure to the padding. If you have already done your research and are trying to find said carpet padding, JP Carpet Cleaning Expert Floor Care can provide you with the padding you need, cut specifically for your area rugs!


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