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Vacuuming makes for a healthy home

     And a healthy carpet makes for a healthy home. Many people don’t realize that vacuuming their carpet is one of the best ways to increase the life of their carpet. As such, a good vacuum cleaner and proper vacuuming techniques are helpful.
The first and most important rule is to vacuum  at least twice a week. This keeps the dust and soil from the day from settling into the carpet fibers. When vacuuming, most people push the vacuum in a “W” shape. However, this is very inefficient as most people put more emphasis into the pushing movement. It is indeed the pulling action that removes any dust, debris and other allergens from the carpet. The forward motion should be considered only a positioning motion. Don’t forget to use the nozzle attachment to clean around baseboards and such!
     Alright, so now we know the proper way to vacuum! Awesome! Now the question is: do we have a vacuum that is right for our carpet?
     The vacuums we recommend are vacuums with a beater bar and HEPA filters. Although, it does depend on the pile of your carpet. First, let me explain “pile.” The pile of your carpet is how tall the fibers are. For example, this rug has a higher pile than this rug. So in order to vacuum each carpet properly you’d need the proper vacuum. Any professional you have come to your home or business should have a vacuum with an adjustable beater bar, to accommodate the pile of your carpet. However, I’m not telling you to go out and buy an industrial grade vacuum!
     For high pile carpets, I recommend something with adjustable heights, efficient airflow, and large wheels.
     For medium or low pile carpets, a vacuum with a smaller power-head would do just fine, with the added bonus of being able to vacuum other types of flooring too. Although, if your carpets have  a lot of pet hair, I would recommend you go with something that has a turbo-head.
     But having a good, appropriate vacuum is just the beginning. We also need to worry about maintaining it so it doesn’t lose any suction power. Before you freak out and start to think “Oh goodness! MORE things to worry about?!” let me tell you that the maintenance of the vacuum is quite a simple thing.
  • Clean Bag Often: when the bag is about  half full, you should empty or replace the bag.
  • Check the Belts: make sure they can spin the brush, i.e. no tears
  • Check the Height Adjuster: if you have a height adjuster (Awesome!) make sure it is set so the bush just barely touches the carpet, this will maintain the proper amount of suction, too high or too low will cause problems.
See? Easy!
     Of course as with all things, a professional cleaning is always a good idea! For your carpets, upholstery, and area rugs, JP Carpet Cleaning Expert Floor Care is the best one stop shop in Los Angeles.
     So happy vacuuming!!

Laila Shams

Laila is the oldest daughter of Peter, and has been assisting her family with their family business since the beginning. Currently an engineering student, Laila spends her free time managing the social media for JP Carpet Cleaning Expert Floor Care


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