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Studio City Area Rug Cleaning Services

The interior of your home is a reflection of you. All the different pieces that you decorate with tell a story. So when it comes to the beautiful area rug in your living room that has been passed on for generations, you don’t want to entrust the cleaning or care of that rug to just anyone.

JP Carpet Cleaning Expert Floor Care is the only name to trust for your area rug cleaning in Studio City. Our experts will determine if we can complete a cleaning in your home or if we should take it to our state of the art facility. No matter what the case, we know how to handle handmade rug cleaning in Studio City and throughout the San Fernando Valley.

Stone Restoration in Studio City

Stone surfaces throughout your home don’t all get the same treatment. The countertops in your home get cleaned one way and the Travertine floors get treated another way. When build up occurs on these surfaces, it’s easy to assume that it’s easier to replace the stone surfaces altogether. But before you do that, let us take a look.

After all, we are the experts of stone restoration in Studio City. Each stone requires a different kind of attention, and our experts have a specific, tested and proven method to restoring the stone in your home.

Studio City Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout is one of the most commonly neglected cleaning tasks in a home. The thing about tile and grout is that it needs way more attention than you think in order to maintain that fresh and clean look.

Grout is a very porous material. Over time, the sealant that was used on the grout breaks down, and lets dirt and other particles in. This creates all kinds of issues aesthetically. Tile and grout cleaning in Studio City doesn’t have to be a complicated thing. If you need to clean and reseal the tile and grout in your Studio City home, our expert technicians can assist you.

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