Regrouting and Repair


What is regrouting exactly? Not many people know, but there is a process that you can turn to when even a professional steam cleaning and scrubbing can't seem to clean your grout lines. We can remove your grout lines and replace them with new grout of the color of your choice. If you only have a few cracked lines, we can remove and replace those few lines with grout that matches your existing grout. Have calcium deposits that simply won't go away? Shower-door or floor, we have the means and the ability to restore the life of your grout lines, no matter the type of tile or stone between them!

Our grout replacement service also includes replacement of the silicon along the seams of your tiled areas. It's normal for the silicon to darken and turn black or yellow, but normal or not, it's unsightly and you definitely don't want that in your home. We take the time to carefully remove the old silicon (or caulking in some cases), and delicately replace with new silicon that perfectly fits the seam.

Our Regrouting services include:

  • Missing Grout Lines
  • Stained Grout Lines
  • Damaged Grout Lines
  • Mismatched Grout
  • Blackening Silicon
  • Cracks or Damages from Settling
  • Calcium Deposit Removal
  • Soap Scum Removal
  • Tile Repair

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