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Burbank Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet is one of the most commonly used flooring materials throughout homes. Most of the time, it’s great. But over time, vacuuming doesn’t necessarily do the trick as far as carpet cleaning goes.

In fact, vacuums only pick up about ten percent of the dirt and particles on your floor in the first place. Your floors need more attention than you think. That’s where we come in with some of the best Burbank Floor Care Services.

At JP Carpet Cleaning and Expert Floor Care, carpet cleaning is our specialty. Not all carpets are created equal, and when we assess your carpet our professionals are taking many different factors into consideration.

From the material to the amount of dirt and soil you have in your carpet our technicians will use only the best, eco-friendly materials when you are in need of carpet cleaning in Burbank.

Wood Floor Refinishing and Floor Polishing in Burbank

Keeping your floors looking and shiny and new is a lot easier said than done. Foot traffic day in and day out takes a toll on those surfaces, and after a while no amount of floor cleaner will help.

When you’re looking for someone to refinish or polish your wood floors in Burbank, JP Carpet Cleaning and Expert Floor Care is ready to go to work for you. Our experienced technicians have the knowledge and methodology to get your floors looking as close to that new floor shine as possible. Whether you need wood floor refinishing or floor polishing in Burbank, we’ve got you covered with a wide variety of Burbank floor care services.

Burbank Upholstery Cleaning and Handmade Rug Cleaning

Couches, sofas, statement chairs and handmade area rugs are beautiful pieces to have scattered throughout your common areas.

But what happens when those delicate, often times expensive, pieces need to be cleaned? Considering how often people sit or walk on these things throughout the day, month or even year, it’s surprising that we don’t feel the need to deep clean these items more regularly.

Keeping your upholstery and handmade rugs clean is one way to help preserve their life. When our technicians come out to give you an estimate, they take into account the material, the soil level and what your expectations are.

We will let you know if we need to give your pieces extra attention at one of our facilities, or if we can complete the upholstery and handmade rug cleaning in your Burbank home. Whatever the case may be, our methods are proven to preserve and protect the most precious pieces you have throughout your home.

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