Unique Deep Carpet Cleaning

A Unique Method For Deep Cleaning Your Carpet

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People think buying or renting a steam cleaning machine is the only way for deep cleaning your carpet if their carpet has a stubborn stain on it. There are many more ways that you can try out at your home. You can clean up the mess at your home without running down to the store for a steam cleaner. You might be wondering how to deep clean to carpets without steam cleaning machines. The great news is if you have a vacuum cleaner and bit knowledge about cleaning, this job is possible.

What you'll need:

  • Spray bottle
  • Stiffed bristled scrubbing brush
  • A solution of water and detergent
  • Table salt
  • Baking soda
  • Old rags

Here’s how to perform deep cleaning for your carpet:

1: Begin with adding a little bit of soap with water in the spray bottle.

2: Don’t shake it excessively, but make sure you mix it properly.

3: Then, sprinkle the baking soda and table salt on the affected area to deep cleaning the spot.

4: Next, you need to spray the soapy water over the area and leave it for some time.

5: Brush the carpet in one direction using your brush. This will help to remove the hairs and debris from the carpet easily

6: If you still, find hair and dirt, then rotate the carpet to its 90 degrees from the original state, and repeat the previous step.

7: Place the towels and press a bit so everything gets saturated with water.

8: When the area becomes dry, take regular water and lightly spray on the carpet once more.

9: Then press a clean cloth towel into the carpet. If it is a small area, keep a heavy object over the cloth and leave it for some time.

This the best deep cleaning method for spot-cleaning stains. This is a completely safe technique for children and pets. Try out this home hack for deep cleaning of carpets. If still confused you can call us any time. JP Carpet Cleaning Expert Floor Care staff is 24*7 available to help you with the best advice. So, until then happy cleaning!

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