Removing Chocolate From Your Carpet

Expert Tips to Remove Chocolate Stains from Carpet

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JP Carpet Cleaning Expert Floor Care is the company which specializes in carpet cleaning. In this article, we are going to share some beneficial tips recommended by our experts. So, let’s see some tips to remove chocolate stains from carpet.

As we all are aware of carpets are susceptible to stains. Yes, our carpet gets stains often times since it bears lots of foot traffic every day. The more exposed to usage, the greater the chance for carpets to accumulate stains from different kinds of carpet stain sources.

Carpet can face lots of stains and especially if you have kids and pets in the home. Everyone knows that kids are always in the mood of playing. Since they are small, they don’t know what they are doing. Many times, it happens that they throw flood here and there while eating, so our carpet gets more stained.

Here we have mentioned some useful step about how to get the stains out of the carpet and our experts have chosen the most common carpet stains.

How to eliminate chocolate stain out of the carpet

Whenever you saw chocolate stains on your carpet, you have to act in the right way. The longer it will reside there, the more difficult it will be to remove the chocolate stains from the carpet.

1. Firstly, scrape the excess chocolate. If it’s a bit liquid you have to let it hard first by chilling with ice cubes. When it’s a bit harder, get a knife and scrape it. Keep it on a piece of paper then throw. Once you are done with the scrapping, you need to clean the knife as well to get rid of spreading the chocolate stains.

2. Next, you need to do is to check the type of carpet. It is vital to check the type of the carpet because for every type of carpet certain cleaning technique needed. For example, a carpet made natural materials like grass, sisal or wool can easily be ruined by too much water or any liquid. If you aren’t sure what methods can be applied for your carpet then you have to contact carpet cleaning experts.

3. Before cleaning, you need to do a patch test if the carpet won’t bleach with the carpet stain removal solution. If it is all good then go for it.

4. Initially, cover a clean cloth with alcohol over the chocolate stain. Then press it using a spoon. Alcohol will remove the fat from the chocolate which will make the condition of carpet much easier to clean the chocolate stain.

5. Use the detergent solution to clean the area. Dampen your clean cloth and press it over the chocolate stained area, blot the area and extract the extra liquid. Repeat the procedure until the area is totally clean. Rinse by spraying liquid then blot again. Leave the area by keeping a clean white cloth. Put some weights over the clean white cloth.

These are few tips that you can follow to deal with your carpet stains. If you are not confident about doing it yourself. Call JP Carpet Cleaning Expert Floor Care, We are providing the best carpet cleaners in Los Angeles.

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