Hardwood Cleaning and Installation

A wood floor cannot remain as good as new forever. At some point it is going to require attention and you will have to consider doing some repair or restoration work on it. Floor sanding and wood floor fitting is our specialty. This is where our professional expertise, extensive experience, team working and dedicated customer care blend together to allow us to offer a tailored, flexible and reliable domestic and commercial wood floor renovation and wood floor installation service.

Wood floor sanding is an integral part of our floor restoration service, which includes light and deep floor sanding of various wood species and providing you with an aftercare maintenance package with our wood floor clean and polishing or re-oiling service.

Sealing floors is a craft that we excel in and we offer professional, tailor-made solution with teams that have gone through professional floor sanding training, cutting edge floor restoration technology.

Wood Floor Repairs

Our wood floor repair services are built along our years of experience. With various floors and causes of damage and wear, you can rest assured our wood floor restoration specialists will be able to help with the minimum cost required. Whether it is scratch repair for your new floors, damage caused by a water leak or poor fitting service; there is a high chance of us being to able to help you. Just give us a call and we will be happy to give you free advice and immediate wood floor repairs service.

Why Floor Sanding?

Nothing can compare with the renovated look of your old hardwood flooring or softwood (original pine boards) floors. The authentic feeling of the old, dry timber, gone through the restoration process of the wood floor sanding, cannot be replaced by any type of newly laid solid wood floors or parquet flooring. Whether it is a contemporary urban loft conversion, a Victorian terraced house or country cottage, it is the choice of wood floor restoration, we will always recommend as the beauty of the old French oak timber, beach, cherry or mahogany, cannot be replaced by anything else.

What To Expect From a Floor Sanding Company?

Floor sanding companies with extensive experience will be able to provide restoration of solid wood floor, floor sanding of engineered flooring, school floor sanding, parquet floor restoration, pine floorboards renovation, including floor repairs, staining, gap filling and sealing with varnish, hard wax or oil.

Before Starting Your Floor Sanding Project:

  1. Choose a trustworthy floor sanding company, which can provide a Service Guarantee.
  2. Is there furniture in the premises and how you would like to deal with it?
  3. What will be your choice of wood floor finish?
  4. Most of the sealants provide the option of a different sheen ; ultra-matte, matte, satin and gloss