…I’ll try to express how awesome this small literally mom and pop store is the best I can.
The Carpet It is in tip top condition. The first time we got it back (see below) there was residual smell after about a week. This is smell is GONE! We have our rug back (expensive to us, but it’s no Persian).
The Business This business is rare. They take pride in it. They value customer service. They were understandably upset with my initial review because I did not call them first. I should have done that and regret not doing so as yelp is an important business tool to a business like this. They went over the top. Came to pick up the carpet and dropped off the carpet on my time as they wanted to ensure I was happy.
L.A. should be proud to have a small company like this. I will always do business with them and no one else when it comes to carpeting or flooring needs. Full Stop.
Update pending… They’ve just picked up the rug again, and I give a full tip of the hat to this superior business behavior. If this odor can be defeated, a full bump to 5 stars will be in order. No matter what, I will recommend this company.
They are a good local company. … We have an area rug that they attempted two cleanings. It’s better, but the miracle of cat urine is yet undefeated. They gave us about a 20% discount but I would rather have known that it wasn’t possible rather than the failed attempt…

Philip S.

Los Angeles