I have hardwood floors in the entry area of my home that had not been refinished for many years. The area is less than 100 square feet. All the refinishing companies my husband contacted would not come out for such a small job – they had minimum charges ranging from $1000 to $1500. I have used JP for carpet cleaning and remembered that they also did hardwood floors. Peter kindly agreed to do the job for a very fair price. He sanded thoroughly , filled cracks and fixed nails. When he was ready to apply the stain, he patiently waited while I decided between a few colors he tested in small areas. The floor looks just beautiful!
Btw, I had just finished a kitchen remodel and was fed up with the mess and fine dust that accumulated over those several weeks. The house was thoroughly cleaned and I was concerned about more dust from the sanding. Peter carefully sealed the 3 openings to the entry area and used a method of sanding that did not make a mess. What a relief! I definitely recommend JP for refinishing your floors.

Leslee G.