We are very happy with our carpet cleaning. They are the BEST carpet cleaning service in our experience, by far! Our 2-floors Townhomes (including carpets in 2-bathrooms) clean thoroughly & quickly. It is so immaculate, like we’ve just gotten new bur-bur carpets! Spots, high traffic stains, on stairs…gone!! The machine they use is very powerful (HOT too), so 1-swipe and stains r gone! The whole house took him little over 2-hrs, the other guys were here all afternoon. Also, the carpet dried within hours, others took days…people! We moved our couches, sofa, etc. so he can treat those underneath area too. All in all, very satisfied with his service. We’ll def call him for future needs. [By the way], mentioned wanting to switch to wood floors downstairs, he gave us a great quote for woods/installation too. Cool!


Woodland Hills